Welcome to our blog!

Hello friend!

Welcome to our BayUP ’13 blog! We are so excited that you’re checking out this awesome site (or what will soon become an awesome site as BayUP begins and we begin to post here) and presumably have some sort of interest in hearing how the summer goes, what God’s doing in and around and through us, and how you can be praying for us!

As a general introduction, we are 8 people participating in a 6-week summer program (June 19th-Aug 1st) called BayUP – short for Bay Area Urban Project. Jimmy, Sam, Sarah Rojas, and Zach are students at UC Santa Cruz; Lauren and Yaya are students at Stanford; Liz is finishing up her intern year with InterVarsity at Stanford; and Sarah Lee is on staff with InterVarsity at USF. We will be living together in a house in East Oakland and hopefully getting to know some of our neighbors in the community there and learning from them and their experiences, as well as learning from each other and having fun together in our house!

During the week days we’ll be volunteering 25 hrs/wk at different sites around Oakland – BayUP partners with a bunch of really cool organizations pursuing social justice in various ways. You’ll hear more about the sites from each of us as time goes on! We also have one full day per week of learning about, engaging with, and praying for different relevant issues such as human trafficking, race and ethnicity, criminal justice, and education.

Big-picture-wise, what we are hoping and praying for this summer is “mutual transformation” – that we would get to see and be a part of God’s transforming work in places that are often under-served or seem forgotten, and that God would use this summer to powerfully transform us as well, to make us more like Christ and form us into people who love more deeply and live our lives more justly. Please join us in praying more generally for this mutual transformation now, and keep tuned in throughout the summer for all the details of how it plays out!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day :)!