Random poem/prayer thing

I wanted to share a poem/prayer thing that I wrote a couple of days back – very unpolished, but just something to help me process all the thoughts and feelings swirling around. I share with the hope that in the midst of the randomness and unclear-ness of it you might connect with something or sense God speaking to you in some way. Also, I’m not trying to be too artsy with the formatting or spacing of lines, this is just how WordPress rolls, lol. So, without further explanation or apology :p…


What does it mean to be made in the living, breathing, creating, redeeming image

     of the Living, Breathing, Creating, Redeeming God?

Minuscule fractions of infinite joy miraculously made finite as precious crystals growing in the mixed, mixed-up soil of a broken heart

Or tiny slivers of finite yet unfathomable pain that still feel enough to break the back of the long-suffering, heavy-laden soul who carries them?

How many times have I seen Your image in anguish and judged him as selfish and not worth being heard

Or heard Your image cry out the pangs of oppression like childbirth

       and turned away as though her problems were somehow separable from my own – 

       wanting nothing more than to celebrate the birth of Justice without also bearing the labor pains that bring it to life.


This is my confession, as You open my eyes but not always in the ways I hoped for,

      as You open my heart but not without great cost:

That where there is incredible beauty, I am slow to see You;

That the sin I am quick to condemn in fellow image-bearers has deep roots in me;

That sometimes I am afraid to see and seek truth;

That I have often chosen what is easy over what is right

      and have lived by the lie that I can have my own Shalom while my brothers and sisters are denied it,

      the lie that because I don’t always know how to speak comfort, wisdom, truth, or hope, I might as well not try,

      the lie that my silence doesn’t speak as loudly as my words, and my failure to act louder than my actions.


And yet – this is my hope, as You restore my weary soul but not always as instantaneously as I would like, 

     as You redeem my fragile faith but not always without letting it be shaken to its very core:

That the best gifts You do not withhold from anyone who asks;

That You are quick to come in mercy the second we know we need it;

That when I walk in faith, the demons scatter and flee when my feet hit the ground;

That it doesn’t matter whether or not I have any power at all in this world as long as I use every power I do have for good;

That if I do not stand firm in my faith, I will not stand at all [Isaiah 7];

That what I know and have seen is only the tip of a large iceberg that God is faithful to reveal in His time;

That justice will be served in one hand with mercy in the other;

That I am living, breathing, created, and redeemed with intention and purpose;

That Jesus is the one hope of a fallen world.


Lord, have mercy on me, and help me to see this

     and to sing this

     in everything.


-Liz Cooledge

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